Alabama Press Releases

11/08/17MARCH​ ​ON​ ​CELEBRATES​ ​VIRGINIA​ ​VICTORIES,​ ​ANNOUNCES​ ​ALABAMA​ ​CAMPAIGN Women​ ​Credited​ ​With​ ​Fueling​ ​Enthusiasm​ ​And​ ​Activism​ ​Around​ ​Victories

This is a big day for the movement of women’s activism that we saw in force last January in the women’s marches that occurred across the country. Victories in Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire and in other local elections across the country appear to have been fueled in large part by the women of America who became activated in the aftermath of last November’s elections. Into the breach comes a new national organization—March On—which is comprised of many of the women’s march organizations across the country now coming together to push an election-focused agenda at all levels, from national to local. Many of these affiliate march organizations have been organizing ever since January, and will now be a coordinated and potent force impacting elections with a national agenda. [Read More]

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