Vogue.com · November 16, 2017


It’s finally chilly in the Northeast, and the sun goes down well before happy hour, so in other words, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But if you’re anything like me, you may be struggling to summon the holiday spirit this year. Maybe it’s the spree of senseless mass shootings or the near-hourly unmasking of another alleged serial sexual predator; the melting ice caps or the nuclear pissing contest with North Korea; the (so far just-shy-of-collusion) revelations of the Russia investigation or the never-ending Republican crusade to take health care away from the people who need it; or, maybe it’s simply the president’s unrelenting stream of offensive, divisive, corrosive Tweets (now, twice as long!): All I know is, I’m finding it hard to feel very merry.

On my husband’s side of the family, where gift-giving has always seemed sacrosanct, we’re currently in talks to chuck a long-standing Secret Santa program in favor of donating to charity. Giving your money to a good cause is never a bad idea, and now there’s another one to give to: If you’ve ever had the thought, All I want for Christmas is for Congress to show Donald Trump the swinging door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you’d do well to learn about a new organization called March On.

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