Fight Back PAC will only be successful if it stays true to the grassroots where the true power resides. We will need grassroots energy, ideas and input into what our priorities should be. To accomplish that, we are assembling a nationwide council of citizen-activists who have been alarmed by the rise of Donald Trump and his effort to steamroll democracy in pursuit of his dangerous agenda. The Advisory Council will be our eyes and ears on the ground, alerting us to promising Democratic candidates, particularly egregious Republican incumbents and generally spreading the word about Fight Back PAC to their political-activist networks, friends and families.

Activist Council

Boston, MA

Nora Harrington

Nora Harrington and her wife co-founded a small business in the Boston area that has grown into a thriving organization.  Disturbed by the right-wing slant of many “Democrats” in the MA legislature, Nora took a leave from the business to run for her State Senate seat last year. After an intensive 3-month campaign, she gained 45% of the vote against an entrenched, well-funded opponent.  With a message of equal rights and equal opportunity for ALL people, Nora’s proud that her campaign exposed her opponent’s record and moved him to the left on many issues. With the election of Donald Trump, Nora’s efforts are now focusing on the Resistance and she has joined Fight Back PAC to fight for an inclusive America for her kids and all children.

Denver, CO

Bobby Clark

For more than 20 years, Bobby Clark has been a national leader in the progressive movement. A veteran of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, in 2005 Bobby co-founded ProgressNow, a national network of state-based progressive communications organizations that originated in Colorado. Bobby also served as Vice President for Communications and Programs at the Denver-based Gill Foundation, the nation’s largest funder of organizations focused on pro-LGBT policy change and public education. In 2016 Bobby launched BRC Strategies in Denver and advises political and nonprofit clients across the country.

Jessica Rogers

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Memphis, TN

Susan MacKenzie

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New York City

Vanessa Wruble

Vanessa helped to found the Women’s March on Washington, where she served as the Head of Campaign Operations, so as to right the imbalance of power, fight on behalf of all marginalized people, and ensure the end of structural patriarchy. Vanessa is a D.C. native who has dedicated her life to producing socially relevant media, political organizing, and redefining the global narrative of modern African culture. Okayafrica, the company she started with Questlove (of The Roots), is now the largest media company focusing on a forward-thinking, nuanced view of Africa today. She previously worked as the first international correspondent at Al Gore’s Current TV, as a Communication Specialist for the United Nations, and as a journalist for several print magazines. Vanessa graduated Cum Laude from Williams College and holds Master’s Degrees from The New School for Social Research and from NYU.

Oklahoma City, OK

Joe Miano

A lifelong Democrat, Joe’s concern about the current direction of this nation—especially for immigrants, refugees, the underprivileged, and the environment—has motivated him to take action.  Since Trump’s election, he has become active in the Oklahoma City Indivisible group, has participated in protests, including the Women’s March and volunteers with Catholic Refugee Services. Joe was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya and is a retired physics, chemistry, and math teacher and Chair of the Science Department.

Philadelphia, PA

Suzanne Biemiller

For more than two decades, Suzanne Biemiller has worked as a nonprofit executive and a public servant.  She served in Philadelphia’s City Hall as First Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Michael A. Nutter, creating the city’s first ever sustainability strategy and helping to guide the administration as it worked to make Philadelphia a safer, smarter, greener and more ethical city.  In 2017, Biemiller founded Highland Strategies, a consulting firm that helps nonprofits and foundations create and implement effective policy solutions to bring about desired change.  Having seen first hand the benefits that sound, progressive federal policies can have on cities like Philadelphia–cleaner air and water, increased public health, improved educational outcomes for children and safer neighborhoods, to name a few–she knows how detrimental the Trump Administration’s plans will be for millions of Americans. As the mother of two teenage daughters, she is standing up and fighting back so that they know that women’s voices cannot be silenced.  Too much is at stake.

Phoenix, AZ

Robyn James

Robyn is a pediatric occupational therapist and special needs activist who has been motivated to stand up and fight due to the election of Donald Trump. Inspired by her work with special needs kids, Robyn is particularly involved in advocating for vulnerable populations. While Robyn appreciates participating in exchanges of opinion, joining in protest Marches, and she believes that the best way to effect real change is Fighting Back. 

Julie Brown

Julie is a life-long learner, teacher, activist and agent for change. As a college instructor, she has worked to further the education of international students from the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America, Africa and Europe. As a feminist and activist, she served two years in the Peace Corps in West Africa supporting women’s cooperatives and education. Currently she runs a federal program that provides college-level education for prison inmates. She has been active in Black Lives Matter and Take Back the Night marches in both Phoenix and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Romannie Marsalis

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Portsmouth, RI

Brandon Elliott

Brandon became politically active at a young age working with various animal rights organizations.  The elections of the past twelve years have re-energized his political activitism.  Brandon decries the current social and political climate in which divisions over race, gender, and sexual orientation helped fuel the election of Donald Trump. Determined to no longer sit on the sidelines, Brandon believes active resistance is now the only option.  Since Trump’s election, Brandon has attended the Women’s March on Washington, made calls to his congressmen, and attended a number of congressional town halls.  He’s becoming more active in his local government and as a member of the Activist Council intends to engage local resistance organizations on the Fight Back PAC mission.

Salt Lake City, UT

Annabel Sheinberg

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San Francisco/Bay Area, CA

Annie Adams

Annie Adams is Co-Chair, Educational Development at We Persist. She is also an Executive Board Member of New Leaders Council Silicon Valley and Co-Chair of Women’s March Sacramento. With over 8 years of experience in nonprofits, schools, management, advocacy, organizing, event planning and government, she has worked for Hayward’s Office of the City Manager and developed a rape crisis counselor training curriculum for YWCA Silicon Valley in collaboration with the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the International City/County Management Association, and has a BA in Communications from University of New Mexico and an MSW from San Jose State University.

Seattle, WA

Zachary DeWolf

Zachary (he/him/his) is a Chippewa Cree tribal member, a graduate of Western Washington University, and Director of Communications & Education with Pride Foundation. An experienced community activist committed to pursuing racial, economic, gender, and social justice through service, Zachary served in the U.S. Peace Corps and as a coordinator for the 2012 SOULFORCE Equality Ride. He is a speaker and writer for local blogs and national publications about community, community development, and native/queer issues.  Zach serves on the boards of the Seattle Housing Authority, Gender Justice League, Victory Fund & Institute, and 43rd District Democrats, and is President of the Capitol Hill Community Council and is also a member of countless organizations promoting social justice. He lives in Capitol Hill, Seattle with his husband Derek and their dog Maya.

Northern Virginia

Kimberly Smith

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Britton Smith

Britton is a lifelong community organizer with a firm belief in community-first politics. Britton continues to advocate for underrepresented and underserved people and groups. Britton started working in politics at a young age, when he recognized that everyday people need for an advocate. Britton continues to champion issues from criminal justice reform, closing the achievement gap and access to meaningful economic improvement. 

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