Jen Goncalves Biancianello, Treasurer

Jen Gonçalves is an unapologetic feminist who is passionate about progressive politics and works to make a positive difference in the world on a daily basis.  A former political fundraiser, Jen worked on several political campaigns including that of Democratic Governor Jim Hodges in South Carolina and the Howard Dean for America presidential campaign.  Jen was the National Grassroots Fundraising Director at the Democratic National Committee where under Gov. Dean’s chairmanship, she raised millions of dollars in small donations through large events.  She spent almost five years at the progressive think tank Campaign for America’s Future organizing their annual Take Back America conference which brought together leaders and activists of the progressive community.  Jen currently works for the Service Employees International Union, one of the largest labor unions in our country which fights every day to improve the lives of working families through efforts to achieve immigrant, economic and racial justice in our country.  Additionally, Jen is also a wife, mother to an active toddler and an energetic, adorable Sheep dog in Washington, DC.

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