Politico.com · November 27, 2017

FLIPPING 24 SEATS — March On’s Fight Back PAC announced a new fundraising campaign for 2018 called $24 for 24. Per a press release, “the campaign is centered around impeachment and the concern that the Republican Congress would not initiate impeachment proceedings no matter what Special Counsel Robert Mueller reports. The only way we can be sure any potential allegations against Donald Trump and his cronies are handled correctly is to flip the 24 Congressional seats needed to take back the majority in Congress. … Andi Pringle, Executive Director of March On’s Fight Back PAC, said, ‘Flipping Congress is no easy task. Whether you’re a committed activist or not, $24 for 24 is a way everyone can participate in the vitally important work of reclaiming our country from the extreme Right. That is the only way we’ll be able to turn the tide on issues of importance to our community, whether that’s women’s reproductive health, climate change protections or impeachment.’”
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