Fighting Trump

Donald Trump has been a disaster from the moment he started his campaign. His power to do damage increased exponentially the moment he took office. From his attempted dismantling of Obamacare to his recent budget proposal which hurts the working class and the most vulnerable in our society the most, his presidency has been one of chaos and destruction. We need to fight these actions every step of the way.

How will we do this?

Fight Back PAC will work as a convener of other like-minded organizations in the Resistance and progressive arena. We will identify joint actions to fight the Trump agenda and we will work with others to implement it. While other organizations bring on-the-ground grassroots organization to the effort, we will provide the “air cover” to help defeat these dangerous ideas and stop harmful legislation in its tracks.

First-Time Candidates

Trump’s election has triggered record numbers of everyday citizens taking the plunge and running for office. These people need our financial support: they’re putting themselves out there for us, we should be there for them as they pave the way to new Democratic majorities.

Grassroots Grantees

Finally, we will devote a portion of our budget to supporting small grassroots organizations in critical need of operational funding. Rather than spending their time raising money to keep the lights on, we need them to be organizing activists and voters and making a difference in their communities.

Share the fight!