The Kansas and Georgia Special Elections have shown us that when Democrats come together to fight—even in bright red America—we can give the Republicans a run for their money.

Now, to bring the fight to the Montana At-Large special election, Fight Back PAC is announcing our first major action: the Montana Fight Club. This is our first Fight Club, dedicated to  demonstrating that Small Money in Montana = Big Power in Washington.  With your Small Money donations, we will run television ads like this one to help put this Special Election in the Win column.

The faceoff is between Democrat Ron Quist, a true-blue Montana icon, and Republican Greg Gianforte—a millionaire transplant from New Jersey. Gianforte was defeated in last year’s Montana Governor’s race—and he can be beaten again if the grassroots rises up in support. 

 Join the Fight. Sign up for updates on this important race and chip in whatever you can afford. Your Small Money will help us Bring the Fight—and that will build Big Power in Washington.

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