Your $24 monthly donation will help

flip 24 Congressional seats

and give Democrats the Majority so they can ACT.

We call it $24 for 24–and here’s why it’s so important. With this right-wing, rubber-stamp Congress, we’ll never get impeachment, no matter what Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds. The only way we can be sure any potential allegations against Donald Trump and his cronies are handled correctly is to flip the 24 Congressional seats needed to take back the majority in Congress. With Democrats in charge, impeachment proceedings can move forward.

Flipping Congress is no easy task. Whether you’re a committed activist or not, $24 for 24 is a way everyone can participate in the vitally important work of reclaiming our country from the extreme Right.

Why are we asking you to make this commitment? It’s going to take a huge war chest to flip Congress. But you know what? All of us working together can build this war chest. “Small money” in politics can be just as powerful as special interest “Big Money.” Just ask Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, each of whom raised over $100M in campaign cash, much of it fueled by small donations.

Now we need to come together to save our country. We are asking you to really commit financially. Will you donate $24 a month to help build our grassroots-funded War Chest for Change so we can help flip 24 seats and retake Congress?

$24 for 24 is bigger than the 24 seats we need for a majority in Congress. Fight Back PAC is also committed to working to flip state legislatures so we can start turning the tide of gerrymandering. Years ago, Republicans succeeded in a long-term plan to win state legislatures so they could control redistricting. By gerrymandering Congressional districts, they have given Republicans an unfair advantage in Congressional elections. Some states that are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans instead have many more Republicans than Democrats representing them in Congress. Redistricting happens after each Census, which means we only have 3 years to win back as many state legislatures as we can to undo the extreme gerrymandering the Republicans rammed through.

The best part of $24 for 24 is that this is your effort. Fight Back PAC is the Super PAC of everyday Americans like you. That’s why it will be up to you to decide which politicians we work to elect and which politicians we work to defeat. We are working on the details of this candidate selection process now and we promise you it will be exciting and your voice will be heard!

It all depends on you.